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Paraná Hotel Plaza Jardín

A personal and unique style in the downtown area.

With a personal and unique style, a solid architecture evoking its colonial essence, the Paraná Hotel Plaza Jardín, will bring you memories of older times.

At the heart of the hotel you can find the "Plaza Jardín", an indoors garden with lampposts, a fountain, cobblestone floor, and natural green, all under a large glass dome; the perfect balance between the old and the new.

Throughout the hotel you will find a unique and creative style... but in its "invisible" heart you will find the essence of the best hotel tradition: AN ATTENTION YOU WILL NOT FORGET.

The hotel is located in the best location, 60 9 de Julio St., in the downtown area of the city, right in the heart of the commercial, banking and administrative activities. It is an ideal base for tourist activities.


The facade of Paraná Hotel Plaza Jardín has been declared of municipal interest in the city's heritage preservation programs.

Both the facade and the rest of the building have been properly preserved because it is a plot which was built in the late 19th century. The architectural project belongs to the brilliant architect Juan Bautista Arnaldi, author of the Cathedral of Paraná among other extraordinarily distinguished buildings.

The hotel opened to business in 1946, and the same family who opened it still runs it through their descendants. It is the only hotel from it's time that still survives.

The splendid Italian-style facade has been revitalized with adequate lighting that highlights its special elegance. The space called Plaza Jardín keeps a pleasant surprise: it is a garden of refined design with refreshing natural green, lampposts, a water fountain and umbrellas, all beneath a large glass dome. The place foretells the warmth and quality of the hotel services.


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