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Salón Garrigó

The Garrigó lounge is the best for conventions where much space is required since they are 110 m² covered within the hotel.


Located on the ground floor of the hotel. With up to 130 people theater style and 40 in workshops.


Ideal for a lecture or institutional presentation.




Features: Air conditioning, audio system and whiteboard.

Optional: flipchart, overhead projector, overhead projector, TV and VCR.

Salón Español

Located in the basement, accommodating up to 40 people theater style and 15 in workshops.




Features: Slate and Plasma 42 ".

Optional: flipchart, overhead projector and overhead

Sala Ejecutiva

Located on the first floor, ideal for business meetings.




Capacity: Up to 8 people.

Features: PC, printer, telephone, desk, conference table


Located in the shopping arcade; for interviews and / or meetings.




Features: Phone and desktop

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